LOWRY AFB The History
Originally Published: 02/01/2017

The Air Force Academy Campus Area

Lowry AFB, CO 1955


#1. Building 897, Mitchell Hall #2. Building 939, Cadet Armory #3. Building 939, Cadet Clothing Warehouse #4. Building 940, Cadet Chapel #5. Building 925, Cadet Supply #6. Building 867, 1955 Gymnasium Annex/1960 Bowling Alley #7. Buildings 870-878, 1st Year Cadet Barracks #8. Building 905, Patrick Hall, Academics, HQ #9. Building 903, Polifka Hall, Academics #10. Building 901, South Hall, Academics #11. Building 864, Base Exchange (BX) #12. Building 865, Arnold Hall, Cadet Club #13. Building 900, Cadet Theater #14. Building 898, Dispensary #15. Building 896, Department of Athletics #16. Building 885, Barber Shop #17. Building 920, Cadet Store #18. Building 880, Commandant, USAF Academy Cadet Wing #19. Building 960, HQ USAF Academy #20. Building 961, Finance #21. Building 964, 4th Class Cadet Snack Bar #22. Building 959, Academic Building #23. Building 863, Cadet Gymnasium
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Google Earth Link to Bldg. 27 USAF Academy Library, Photographic Collection BUILDING 880 The Commandant of Cadets Building (Building 880) is the H-shaped building in the foreground pictured in this c. 1955-56 oblique aerial photograph (view northwest). This building has been placed on the National Registry of Historic Places, and can be visited at the intersection of E. Severn Place and Boston Street in the Lowry Community. Markers Markers Roads
The Lowry/Buckley/Fitzsimons Railroad originated as a spur from the Union Pacific Railroad tracks 5.68 miles east of 6th Avenue and Dayton Street. Its tracks passed Fitzsimons Army Medical Center while also connecting Lowry AFB in Denver to Buckley Field in Aurora paralleling 6th Avenue. The train’s cargo consisted of coal and other supplies supporting the three military bases.
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